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Bank Safely Online With Us! 
Criminals are constantly improving their methods of stealing personal financial information through fraudulent e-mails and websites designed to appear as though they were generated from legitimate financial institutions. This criminal activity is know as "phishing". Your information is money in their pockets. Don't be a victim! 
X - Don't respond to an e-mail asking you to verify personal information. Our bank and other creditors already have that information and would NEVER request it via e-mail or a website.  
X - Don't hesitate to call us if you receive an e-mail saying it is from our bank and asking you to verify your account information.  
X - Don't click on a special link to verify personal information. Even if the site contains our logo, the email is most likely NOT from our bank.  
When you bank online with us, you are entering a secure area. We have done everything possible to ensure your privacy and security. 
PASSWORDS: Develop a unique secret password that only you know and that is not easily decoded. Use both numeric and alpha characters.  
PRIVACY: When you bank with us, you can rest assured that our staff is committed to keeping all of your account information private and protected.  
ENCRYPTION: Our bank employs encryption software technology to ensure that any information you enter on our website stays private.  
We are committed to your security. Don't be a victim, be informed. If you have any questions regarding bank security or "phishing" please feel free to contact one of our staff members at 319-627-2191.  
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