Maybe you never thought of it this way, but having a safe deposit box is a very inexpensive way to insure the safety of your valuable documents.  Protect yourself with inexpensive insurance: rent a safety deposit box at West Liberty State Bank today.  Keep your important and valuable items secure in a safe deposit box.   
        Box Size                    Annual Fee 
                                                                 3x4                              $18.00 
                                                   4x3                              $18.00 
                                                   4x4                              $20.00 
                                                   4x7                              $30.00 
                                                   5x3                              $24.00 
                                                   5x4                              $24.00 
                                                   5x5                              $30.00 
                                                   9x7                              $60.00 
                                                 10x2                              $24.00 
                                                 10x3                              $30.00 
                                                 10x4                              $34.00 
                                                 10x9                              $65.00 
                                                10x10                             $70.00 
                                       Lower Chest                             $67.00 
Contact us today for size availability. 
Phone: 319-627-2191 
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